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I recently has the magically amazing experience of going to the famed Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located in Orlando, Florida. And being a big Harry Potter fan myself (I have a first print copy of the first book given to me as a gift a decade ago) its was a blast! This graphic is a tribute to my all time OTP -- Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger.

Title: There's A War Going On!!
Size: 1200 x 726
Description: This couple proves the old adage that "good things come to those who wait." I particularly love how they bicker like some old married couple, so much that its totally amusing. The images featured here are a collection of scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One movie that just premiered recently. Quote is from the seventh and last installment in the series.
Hello there! Long time, no see. Well to prove that I haven't been totally neglecting you, my dear graphics journal... here is a mockup graphic I made for a YGLadies contest.*

Title: Roulette: 2NE1 The First Evolution
Size: 600 x 600
Description: The title comes from the origins of 2NE1's group name, which was partly based on the game of blackjack and the number 21. Similarly, roulette is a betting / gambling game that is commonly played in the same places that people play blackjack. It is also a reference to the title single I imagined for their first full length album, entitled Gamble on Us... a song about a girl asking the boy she likes to take the risks, and "bet" on their relationship. The song can something of a softer slow yet addictive beat (composed by resident YG composer / former 1TYM member Papa Teddy of course!). The album cover is also subtitled as "2NE1 First Evolution" and has pink and peach color scheme representing the girls transforming (evolving) themselves to a new concept. Strong, bright yet feminine.

BONUS: my dreamed up tracklisting!Collapse )

* First Place Winner of YGLadies's Album Contest! 7/20/2010

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Its been a while! But I'm back with a special wallie for fans of kdrama You Are Beautiful! Hope you all like it ~


1024 x 768
1280 x 800

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Yey for more Boys Before Flowers icons! I wanted to make some that are softer, and more dreamy in style... so hopefully these came out in that idea. Like I promised in my last icon post, a bit of this batch is Eejung x Gaeul centric, because I just love their cute chemistry! And lots of Goo Joopyo.. well just because he's made of awesome. lolz.

Some are spoiler pics from Episode 5 & 6 previews, just fyi. Hopefully after next week's episodes air, I'll be able to screencap more Eejung x Gaeul moments... so watch out for more icons featuring them ^^

[28] Boys Before Flowers
[8] Joonpyo x Jandi
[2] Jihoo x Jandi
[4] Eejung x Gaeul
[4] Goo Joonpyo
[1] Geum Jandi
[3] So Eejung
[1] Song Wonbin
[2] Chu Gaeul
[2] Group / Misc


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14 January 2009 @ 01:20 am
My abysmal Photoshop skills isn't stopping me from churning out all these icons on Boys Before Flowers Seriously, I think I made over 30 icons just because I waiting for Episodes 3 and 4 to finally finish downloading... Oh yea, some of these icons might contain spoiler pictures -- you have been forewarned XD

[31] Boys Before Flowers


even if you drew lines on a pumpkin, it still isn't a watermelonCollapse )

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I think I'll be making some Eejung x Gaeul icons soon... I just love their cuteness!